How to Run Hills Without Dying


Do you dread running hills as much as I do? There have been times when I almost start to panic when I see a hill coming up when I'm running a race, even if it's a course I'm familiar with. It defeats me before I even get there. Correction: I SURRENDER to the hill before I even get there. But I've come up with a strategy for conquering these inanimate monsters that might help you, too. Don't Make Eye Contact. It works with wild animals, and it works with monster hills. When my kids are … [Read more...]

Don’t Get Plowed Over by a Fat Girl While Running a 5K


Contains affiliate links. Have you hesitated to sign up to run a 5K because you're not sure how it works? There have been times where I've wanted to stop mid-way through a race and just start yelling at¬†people. Like, "YOU CAN HANDLE GOING 3 MILES WITHOUT ALL 5 OF YOUR BEST FRIENDS! SINGLE FILE, PLEASE!"¬†Unfortunately, I've also about run over some of these poor people because they just seem to forget that there are other runners on the course. I've come to the general conclusion that these … [Read more...]

Protein: How Much Do You Need?


You know there are three basic elements of foods that we should eat. Those are protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Most of us, I think, don't have much problem consuming enough fat, especially if you're eating an American diet. Ditto for carbs-- although not all carbs are made alike, so while you may be getting a good amount of carbs in your diet, if they're all simple carbs, you're not doing yourself any favors. When it comes to protein, we may not as easily get enough in our diet. There are a … [Read more...]

Salad & Smoothie Sunday: Italian Pasta Salad


Italian Pasta Salad Years ago, my friend Holly made up a batch of this salad, and it instantly became my favorite. It makes up a huge batch, making it easy to take to a potluck, or divvy up into single-serve containers for a week's worth of veggie-packed lunches. Ingredients: Veggie Pasta (I use Wacky Mac spirals, made by New World Pasta) Italian Dressing (bottled, or make your own) Olives Veggies: get creative, choose at least 4 different varieties, keeping color in mind: Chopped … [Read more...]

Sunday Salad: Mex-Mash-Up


At least once a week, we have Mexican food at our house. It's really probably more like 2 or 3 times a week, but who's counting? It's really easy to make the kids tacos or nachos for dinner, and convert that into a taco salad for myself-- saving calories and fat grams by skipping the tortillas or chips. That's exactly what I did for this week's featured salad. Mexi-Mash-Up Ingredients: 2 c. salad greens 1/4 c. Chopped Tomato (8 calories) 1/4 c. Drained Black Beans (62 calories) 1/4 c. … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Succeed with Your Nutrition Goals


There are so many moments during any given day where we have to make choices about our health and wellness. Even NOT doing something is making a choice. I have a lot of head knowledge about health and fitness and diet-- I've actually taken nutrition classes and health classes. But putting that knowledge into practice? Not always easy. It's all about the decision that's in front of you right now. This moment. When you're staring in the fridge because you're bored. When you mosey down the chips … [Read more...]

Freedom from Abuse: Trust Your Instincts.


Laury Abbott knew she needed to get away from her husband. In her heart, she knew-- she wasn't safe. Neither was her 8-year old son, Danny, Jr. She had told family members that she was concerned, and was planning to file for divorce from Daniel Abbott. But before she could do that, before she could formulate an exit strategy to get herself and her son to safety, Daniel cut and stabbed his wife and young son to death. Then he stabbed himself. Three bodies were found in their Rainier, Washington … [Read more...]

April Challenge: Walk & Water


 Every fitness journey has to have a starting point. If the idea of joining a gym or committing to a regular exercise regime makes you want to run to the nearest chocolate supply-- you're not alone. But I can tell you from experience that getting started really is half the battle. So, for April, I'm issuing a Walk & Water challenge for those of us who wish we could do those painful plank and cringe-worthy core challenges, but just don't feel like it's possible. This challenge is … [Read more...]

Salad & Smoothie Sunday: Fruit Poppin’ Salad


There's no greater feeling than sitting at my desk at work and knowing that I have a healthy, satisfying salad in my lunch bag for when I get hungry. Making that happen Monday through Friday, however, requires some planning and preparation on Sunday. To make the most of my salad prep time, I have a complete collection of salad containers that I use to prepare my lunches for the week. These containers are wonderful, and include a plastic fork and dressing container, that each attach to the lid … [Read more...]

2015: A Year of Intention


This is the time of year when everyone asks if you have any New Year's Resolutions. Typically I have a few general ones, like losing weight, reading more, writing more. But this year, I'm going to set substantive goals for every area of my life. I'm going to walk boldly in the direction of my dreams by becoming a woman of intention. This has been one of those buzz words the past few years: Intention. What does that mean? It means a thing that is intended or planned. It means that you know … [Read more...]